Being a mompreneur

Are you exhausted mama?


Exhaustion is almost daily for me. Being a mom and business owner is like two full time jobs and you can't ever punch out and not think about it. My brain is constantly going with one or the other and I rarely get the opportunity to turn it off.

I have to say I am very lucky to have an equal partner in child care, and even still trying to get a head seems like an uphill battle.

Having ideas isn't the issue, the issue is that the majority of those ideas are being thrown on the back burner due to lack of time.

Time Management

Time management is probably the most essential skill to have as a mompreneur. For example, setting a firm schedule for work hours and sticking to those hours. This I'm still working on, I still feel like I can't fit everything I need to in a day. In a perfect world, I would get up, drop my daughter off at day care, go to the gym for 8am, be sitting down by 9am and work until 5pm, pick up my daughter have family time in the evening, then before bed, work on blogging/book, reading, or another hobby. It doesn't really work that way because by night time I'm so burnt out that I just want to do nothing (and that's ok too!).

Sitting down and actually writing out a schedule might be helpful (I know I'm VERY visual and if I see the schedule, I might follow through). Figure out what works for you; this might take a few trial and errors.

Time management would also be very helpful in setting boundaries with clients who like to call, text, or email late at night with requests.


When I'm with my daughter I put my phone/computer away and focus on giving her the attention she needs. When you're running a business online it's very difficult to not constantly be on your phone or computer. This is where living in the moment and practicing mindfulness is very handy. As an exercise in mindfulness, focus on details, like how your child laughs, how do they smell and look? Maybe it seems a little silly but centring on these small details helps make you more mindful and more focused on them versus your phone and work.

Practicing meditation also helps to train the brain to be more in the moment, again in a perfect world!

We are all human and sometimes we get caught up with something when we should be focusing on what's going on in front of us. Don't beat yourself up!

Forgiveness + Rest

Where you on a roll? Following your schedule and being mindful and present with your family? Then one night when it's

family time, you spend it with your nose in your phone. When you realize you weren't present you feel guilty, oh mom-guilt it's the best kind... Forgive yourself and try again. Hanging on to those feelings of guilt won't make you better, it will only hold you back. It's ok! We are all human and trying our best to live our best life.

Do the best you can and set realistic goals. Did you have an unproductive day? Well, maybe you needed the rest. Can't remember the last time you had an unproductive day? Well book yourself one. You are no good to anyone if you're burnt out all the time.

Finally, reach out to others who can be supportive. Maybe other mompreneurs or family and friends. Having a positive and supportive circle does wonders for your mental health and you'll be energized and able to conquer whatever comes your way!

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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