Online Marketing Basics

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it even happen?

The point of marketing is to tell people what you're selling, about services you're offering or whatever else you're trying to get out there.

Marketing used to only be word of mouth, then a person with a megaphone, then the printing press was invented, the internet and now we're here. Online Marketing.

If you're going to own a business in this environment, marketing online is essential. It is tricky though because it's constantly changing. New updates, new apps or ways to advertise. Fighting against these changes will only harm your business, it's essential to learn as you go and ride the wave.

Your first step to marketing your business online is a website. This is where you can provide your audience with ALL the information they need about your business. Who are you? What do you do? How much is it? When are you open? How can they contact you? A website is also essential to be found on Google, and trust me, if you want new customers or clients then you want to be found on Google. Bonus point for making your website Search Engine Optimization friendly (I'll go over more on SEOs in a future post).

The next step in advertising your business online is to be present on social media. This is where you will build relationships with your audience and build trust. Trust is probably the MOST important thing for a business and it's not focused on enough. People buy from who they can trust.

Instagram has been huge for businesses lately due to all the recent updates. You can use stories to engage with your followers, highlights to zero in on products or services (or anything really), and IGTV to give in dept details! If you're selling a product, just take a great picture and you can create a link in the image for consumers to follow and purchase your product. Personally, I've been using Instagram exclusively to discover new cool brands, products and services. We are a very visual society and Instagram plays into that incredibly well.

It's important to build your online presence across multiple social media platforms. For example, a Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube channel, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Remember the Rule of 3, if you're seen on multiple platforms then your advertising is more likely to be effective.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate!

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